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Is the netting too high on Dr. Dish machines?

The height of the Dr. Dish netting is not only meant to capture both makes and misses, but also promote optimal shooting arc. Read below for more details.

We are asked this question many times by parents and coaches looking to purchase a Dr. Dish, but worry the netting may be too high for their player(s).

We're here to tell you that the net height is specifically engineered to promote beneficial shooting habits in practice that translate to game settings, while also rebounding both makes and misses.

It's been proven through a variety of studies that players should aim to achieve a 45-degree entry angle, because it results in the greatest opportunity for the ball to go in the hoop. Dr. Dish nets are designed for hoopers to achieve this 45-degree entry angle.

If you'd like more information regarding this topic, refer to our blog article titled "The Science of Shooting: Is a Higher Arc Better?" Here, hoopers can learn about how different entry angles affect their shot.

Below are images showing figures shooting on the iC3 Shot Trainer, Dr. Dish Home, and Dr. Dish CT+; while also demonstrating the optimal shot path to the basket.


The iC3 Shot Trainer is Dr. Dish's manual rebounder that rotates 180 degrees to provide hoopers with flexibility in their shooting location. At 22" x 22" x 59" and made out of steel tubing, the iC3 has a small footprint for optimal storage and is only 35 lbs for added portability. The Net sits 17" above the rim which trains players to put arc on shots for better form, at a 45-degree entry angle.


The Dr. Dish Home is the first-ever fully automatic shooting machine designed specifically for home. At 40” L x 30” W x 78” H, the Home comfortably fits through a standard doorway and can be stored. For added mobility, the 270 pound machine features locking wheels and has the ability to be paired with our All-Terrain Cart. The two adjustable net settings are 11’ 6” and 12’-1/2” for players of all ages.


The Dr. Dish CT+ features a 21.6" touchscreen, the largest in the game today. At a 40” L x 30” W x 78” H storage footprint, fits through a standard door to most gyms and facilities. The 293 lb machine features locking wheels for added portability, while also being crafted out of 1.5” Steel tube construction for durability. The CT+ has adjustable net heights for players of all ages, from 11’6” to 12’-1/2” to promote consistent shot form and arc.