Does Dr. Dish Have a Membership?

Our commercial models do not have a Membership or any hidden fees, all features are inclusive of the price. Our Dr. Dish Home and FCLTY models do have monthly membership fees. Please see the details in the article below.

Our professional commercial lineup of basketball shooting machines offers a variety of premium features and no type of Membership is necessary or applicable to utilize them or our commercial lineup (Dr. Dish Rebel+, All-Star+, and CT). 

The Dr. Dish Home is an App-based machine, that does contain a monthly Membership fee to utilize certain Player App Features. You can learn more about the Dr. Dish Home Player App Membership here

When you choose Dr. Dish FCLTY machines to support your training facility, it is a leasing program that does contain monthly fees. Learn more about Dr. Dish FLCTY here

If you train on one of our professional models or train at a facility that uses Dr. Dish, you can view your stats in the Player App for free. Learn more about the Dr. Dish Player App and how you can use it based on machine type here