Dr. Dish Home Player App Membership - All You Need to Know

Is the Dr. Dish Home Membership mandatory? Learn more about the Dr. Dish Home Membership, how to manage your members, and what it means to be a member and non-member using the Dr. Dish Home.

The Dr. Dish Home is a machine that is controlled and used alongside the Dr. Dish Player App. This App has basic and advanced features that are unlocked by Membership. 


The Membership is bundled with the unit at the time of purchase, but there is no minimum time period that you need to hold the Membership, and you can cancel anytime. 

Your first month is always FREE - and billing will start 30 days after your machine is received. From there on out, it is up to you if you'd like to continue, & you will have full access to manage your Membership and your users by visiting members.drdishbasketball.com.
The functionality of the machine without the Membership is rather limited. You can see below the difference between being a Member and Non-Member. 

Member Access: 

With Membership, you will have unlimited Dr. Dish workouts and drills pushed right from your device. Membership includes:

  • Ability to build your own custom Drills
  • 5 Drill modes to challenge you: Makes, Takes, Timed, Make-It, and Streak
  • 150+ on-demand trainer lead Workouts, Drills, and Programs 
  • Live shooting data, detailed workout performance dashboard complete with floor heatmap, and a competitive leaderboard. 
  • 15 World-class Trainers
  • A variety of ever-changing training content including shooting, dribbling, agility, and tutorials

*1 membership = access for up to 3 complete user profiles

Non-Member Access:

Access to 7 pre-programmed Sample Training Drills:

  • 5 Star Midrange Shooting (take 30 shots at tempo 4)
  • Elbow to Elbow (take 30 shots at tempo 2)
  • Streak Free Throws (make 3 free throws in a row, tempo 6)
  • Top of Key Shooting (Shoot from the top of the key for 3 minutes)
  • Box Cone Drill (non-shooting agility drill) 
  • Figure 8 Progression ball-handling (non-shooting)
  • Crossover progression ball-handling (non-shooting)

Don't Have a Membership Yet? 

A Dr. Dish Player App Membership can be purchased below!