How do I pause, reactivate, or cancel my Dr. Dish Home Player App Membership?

Learn how to manage your Dr. Dish Membership (pause, cancel, reactivate, start)

The person who purchased the Dr. Dish Home machine is able to update the membership status. They will need to log in to the Member Portal with the credentials created at the time of purchase. Membership can be managed under the Memberships tab. 

Pause or Cancel

*Membership can be canceled before your free trial is up and also at any point during your membership.*

1. Log into the Member Portal

2. Go to "Memberships"

3. Under "Actions," choose how long you'd like to pause (membership will automatically restart at the end of the selected duration) or choose to cancel.

Start or Reactivate your Membership 

1. Log into the Member Portal

2. Go to "Memberships"

3. If you paused your membership, the option to reactivate will appear under "Actions."

4. If you canceled your membership, the option to reactivate your membership will appear under Memberships

Haven't Purchased a Dr. Dish Home Membership?

If you don't have a Dr. Dish Player App Membership yet (which can only be used with Dr. Dish Home machines), you can purchase a membership here.

Still need help?

If you're having any trouble managing your membership, reach out to our support team, and we would be happy to help you.