How do I create a Dr. Dish Account?

Learn how to get your Dr. Dish Account up and running

There are multiple ways you can create a Dr. Dish Account and password. Only one Dr. Dish account is needed to access any of our systems. 

  1. After purchasing an item through our store, you will be able to log in view your orders and manage your membership (if you purchased a Dr. Dish Home machine). This is where Dr. Dish Home purchasers will go to send players invites to your membership.
  2. In our Training Management System. This tool is primarily for coaches, parents, and trainers to create teams, develop custom workouts, assign training to players, and monitor progress through stats
    1. TMS is best accessed on a computer and gives coaches, parents, and trainers a great set of tools to help players make the most of using the Dr. Dish. The information within TMS can be used to inform practice plans and player focus areas. 
  3. In the Dr. Dish Player App. This App is primarily for players to track their stats on the go. Players using a Dr. Dish Home machine will exclusively use this app to operate the machine. 
    1. All players using machines that allow stat tracking can see their stats within the app
  4. On the Dr. Dish Machines. If you are using a FCTLY, All Star+, CT, or CT+, you are able to sign up for a Dr. Dish account directly on the machine.