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How do I loosen the net on my IC3 if it appears too tight?

If your ball is continuously getting stuck between the rim and the net, your net may need to be loosened. This happens from time to time and is an easy fix.

There is one simple step you can take In order to loosen the net: Move the velcro to the front net pole in order to stretch the net and open up that area. (See how below)

IC3 Net issue (1)-1

The white arrow shows where the velcro normally attaches too (the hook at the bottom of the horizontal frame)

You can move it to where the red arrow and circle are. The more you tighten the velcro strap to the net pole, the more it will then open up the area for the ball to drop.

Once you have it there for a while, the net will loosen and you can put the strap back on the loop located on the horizontal frame. 

If you are struggling to accomplish this, or if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at 952-873-2633 or service@drdishbasketball.com