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How do I set goals with Dr. Dish machines?

Players who use Dr. Dish shooting machines can set a variety of different goals and not only easily see their progress towards reaching them, but receive notifications and reminders to encourage them to keep making strides.

Start Setting Goals:

  1. Login to the Dr. Dish Player App
    1. Don't have a profile?
      1. Download the Dr. Dish Player app and click 'Get Started' to create your profile.
  2. Set Your Goal
    1. Once users have selected set a goal from the home screen they can set their a goal based on makes, takes, or time on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom timeframe. 
    2. Users are also able to get notifications for each individual goal. Simply select the dates and time for push notification to receive updates and reminders on your progress.

  3. Track Your Goals
    1. Player app users can set unlimited goals, tracking their short and long-term progress. Each individual goal monitors progress with heat maps, shooting percentages, and date ranges. 
  4. Share Your Achievements Once you Reach Your Goal


Refer to a Full Video Tutorial Below With More Info