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How do I use the 8ft Net Kit?

The 8ft Net Kit Accessory is designed for the Dr. Dish Home to allow for the machine to be used on 8ft basketball hoops. Learn how to use it below in 3 simple steps!

*The 8ft accessory kit must be purchased in order to use with 8ft hoop*

  1. With the machine fully set up, lower the machine to 8ft label

8ft net 1

2. Lower the Shot counter and lock in place just above the netting system

8ft net 2

3. Attach the 8ft Hoop Net Kit Accessory by unsnapping and removing the previous net kit and applying the new 8ft kit in its place 

8ft net 3

From there you are ready to use your Dr. Dish with an 8ft hoop!

Need more help? See a full tutorial video here