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How do I use the Me vs. Me Feature on Dr. Dish?

Add an extra layer of competition with the Versus Feature on CT+, FCLTY, and Dr. Dish Home.

Players can "challenge" themselves shot for shot and keep track of their personal bests. This feature engages players and encourages increased usage of the machine.

Challenges are accessed in the new “VS” area on the home screen of commercial machines (CT+, FCLTY, CT) and the Player App with an active Membership. Watch this quick how-to video or follow the steps below to try it out: 

  • First, sign in to your profile on the machine or in the Player App. 
  • Get started by creating a Challenge
    • Hit “Create a Challenge”
    • Give it a name, TIP: name it something that will help you to remember your goal
    • Set up your drill
      • The default mode is always Attempts mode, where your goal is to hit as many shots as possible out of the total you set
      • Create any combination of Catch & Shoot, Pass & Shoot, or Dribble and Shoot drills.
      • To successfully add your challenge, you must then complete and save your drill (this first time will look like any other custom drill you’ve created before).
    • Then, it's time to Compete against yourself!
        • Either repeat the challenge you just created, or navigate into the “Vs.” portion of the app and select the challenge you want to beat
        • Start the drill.

Reading your results: 

  • Green means you’re currently ahead of your personal best
  • Red means you’re behind, better make some shots! 
  • You can pause and turn sounds on/off whether you want in-time feedback during your challenge. (This can also be changed in the sidebar)
  • In order to set a new record you have to beat your personal best. (Sorry, ties don’t count)

If you have any questions about utilizing this feature, give our Support+ team a call at 952-873-2633.