My machine won't connect to WiFi

If you are having issues connecting to Wifi, check out the steps below!

1. Tap the wifi icon on the left hand side for a view of all of the possible wifi connections. Select your network and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your connection.

When you are successfully connected, you will see the orange bar near the top of the screen  

2. The best way to confirm your connection is to load and play a video from our workout library. Choose the "training library" button. You can bypass the login screen by pressing SKIP. Choose a workout and go to play a video. Does it load? The speed and success indicate the strength of the connection the machine has. 

School networks often have a variety of securities in place. If it appears that you are connected, but you are not able to log in or watch a video,  please contact your school's IT department to assist in verifying the connection. 
If your IT suggests that they whitelist the machine on the network, you can use this document to help guide them. If you have a hidden network and are trying to access it, please use this document to support your needs as well.