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How do I add a custom logo to the Dr. Dish CT+?

To upload a custom logo on your Dr. Dish CT+, head to the "Organization" tab within your TMS account.

Step 1: Log in to your TMS account

If you have not created an account yet, you can go to https://tms.drdishbasketball.com/r/account/profile to create a TMS account.

Step 2: Find the "Organizations" tab

Go to https://tms.drdishbasketball.com/organization

Step 3: Select your machine

If you only have one machine, you will only have one option to select.

Step 4: Upload the logo

We recommend using a PNG file with a transparent background for optimal image quality. The minimum size of your image should be 860px wide by 434px tall.

Step 5: Restart your machine

After you have uploaded your image, make sure to restart your machine. The first time you restart your machine, the default Dr. Dish logo will still appear on the passcode screen (if enabled).

The next time you restart your machine, your screen should look like this if the passcode is enabled, which we strongly suggest if your machine is being used in a team setting. 

Passcode Lock - Team Logo

For more information on how to enable a passcode on your Dr. Dish CT visit this article.