How do I put my Dr. Dish All-Star together?

Learn how to unbox and assemble your Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine.

Each Dr. Dish model is delivered in packaging that is about the size of a small refrigerator with instructions on how to unbox and set up. From receipt, in most cases, you can start shooting in as little as 20 minutes.

Once delivered, refer to the user manual provided in the shipping box and follow these steps for unboxing your machine. We suggest a minimum of 2 people to assemble the unit, and encourage the use of a needle-nose pliers and scissors to assist you. 

Unobixing 1
Locate the part boxes, which contain the remaining parts needed to put the machine together. 

Parts Box

While still on the platform, have one person hold the machine slightly tilted to provide access to the two front wheels, where the other person can install them. Make sure to securely tighten the wheels.

unboxing 2

One the machine is safely off of the pallet, move onto installing the passing distance adjuster knob and the shots made counter. unboxing 3

You will also find a ball ramp, that will only be used when you swivel the all-star net for game-like passing. You can store the ramp on the side of your machine when not in use. 

Once your machine is fully put together, please recycle the packaging materials safely.

To start using your new machine, refer to the manual for set up or watch this overview video.  To access your machine, enter the standard password "999". This can be customizable by visiting the settings of the machine and following this how-to document