My machine isn't rotating

If your machine is having trouble rotating, try these troubleshooting steps to solve the issue

Even the best machines need a little tune-up every now and then. If you notice your machine isn't rotating as it should, don't panic! Try recalibrating it first before reaching out to our service department. We've got easy-to-follow instructions for each of our machines listed below:

Home Dish 

Home Dish Rotation Calibration

All Star +, Rebel +, and FCTLY

 Rebel and All Star Plus Calibration 


CT Calibration


CT+ Calibration

Rebel and All-Star

Try calibrating and see if it moves:
If the machine doesn't move while trying to calibrate, but still says 'calibrating' on your console that means that your rotation breaker is tripped:

If you are still experiencing issues with your machine rotation, please contact our service department, and we will be happy to help. Attaching pictures or videos of what you are experiencing will help us help you faster.