Why isn't my machine feeding balls or launching?

If you're experiencing issues with your machine feeding balls into the launch area or with it passing balls out, check out the steps below.

If your machine is not launching balls or balls are not being fed into the launch chamber, there are a number of reasons why this might be happening. First, you'll want to make sure your machine is connected to wifi and the software on the machine has been updated to the latest versions.
If you're on the latest version of the software, you then want to check that the sensors detecting the ball are clean. 

1. Clean the photo-eye/ball detection sensor(s)

Make sure the machine is turned off, take a clean, lint-free towel, and wipe off the sensors. The locations of the sensors for each machine are below. 

Dr. Dish CT+, All Star+, Rebel+, FCLTY, and Home

One ball detection sensor in the launch area of the machine


Dr. Dish CT

There are two ball detection sensors located at the back and front of the machine


2. Run a diagnostics test on the photo-eye/ball detection sensor. 

If cleaning the sensors did not fix your issue, you will then want to make sure the sensors are working properly. This specific video covers how to run a photo-eye diagnostics test with the Dr. Dish CT machine (which has 2 sensors), but all other current Dr. Dish Models will only have the Launch Photo Eye (front sensor). 

3. Run a Full Diagnostics Test

If the above tests do not resolve your issue, please run a full diagnostics test, and send a video machine running this test to info@drdishbasketball.com, and we will get this issue resolved right away! 

Dr. Dish CT+, CT, All Star+, Rebel+, and FCLTY

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