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Setting Up Your New Dr. Dish CT+

Get ready to start getting up reps with these simple steps.

Dr. Dish CT+
Step 1
Download the Dr. Dish Player App & CREate YOUR ACCOUNT

Download the Dr. Dish Player app

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  1. Sign Up by entering your name, email address, and personal pin. This account will allow you to log in to your Dr. Dish machine.
  2. The Player app will allow you to view all your stats and percentages
  3. To manage or create a team, create leaderboards, and build or assign custom drills that sync directly to your machine, be sure to utilize our online Training Management System:
Having Issues Signing Up? Contact
Step 2
Unboxing Your Dr. Dish Machine
  1. Cut band and lift box off of pallet and machine
  2. Cut off all white zip ties (do NOT cut any black zip ties)
  3. Remove all accessories from the back of the machine
  4. Remove protective plastic wrap from the entire machine
Step 3
Assemble The Ball Feeder & Distance Adjuster 
  1. Attach the Ball Distance Knob by twisting it until tight, and move the Distance Lever to Position 2
  2. Install the Ball Distance Plate using 4 M6 Screws & Washers
  3. Remove cardboard spacer lowering Ball Feeder
  4. Install Ball Feeder by inserting 2 M8 Bolts & Washers
Step 4
Assemble The Shot Counter  
  1. Route the power cord from the shot counter basket through the shot counter handle until it comes out of the oval opening.
  2. Insert Shot counter Head into Shot Counter Handle
  3. Using the 8 mm Allen Wrench & 17 mm Open Wrench included, bolt together the Shot Counter Basket and Shot Counter Handle. 
Step 5
Remove Your Machine From the Pallet
  1. We recommend two adults remove the machine from the pallet *The Dr. Dish weighs 296 lbs/134.3 kilos
  2. Unlock the wheels and move the machine so the back wheels are off the pallet and resting on the ground
  3. Grab the front of the machine, and set the front wheels on the ground. Then roll the back of the machine off the pallet
Step 6
Set Up Your Dr. Dish for Use

When you’re ready to start shooting, with the machine away from the basket:

  1. Rotate the machine to a 45-degree angle
  2. Lift shot counter and insert securely into the back frame of the Dr. Dish. Tighten the knob and connect the power cord
  3. Extend all 4 netting poles until they snap into place
  4. Make sure net is not caught on frame, grab the large net handle, and push down to raise the net
  5. Once net system is fully raised, flip the yellow safety latch to lock the net in position
  6. Wheel the machine directly under the basket until the shot counter is under the net and rear net poles are even with the backboard
  7. Lock the wheels of the machine
Step 7
Power On & Connect to WiFi

Using a type W 120V extension cord, plug the machine in.

  1. Turn the main power switch on the back of the machine on
  2. Once the machine has powered on, click ‘Start Shooting’.
  3. On the left side, select the WiFi logo to connect to your Network
Step 8
Getting to Know Your Dr. Dish

The Home Screen displays multiple ways you can use the Dr. Dish CT+. Check out some of our favorite features below.

  1. Build a Drill - Completely Customize your Training by choosing shot locations, drill modes, & attributes to fit your training needs
  2. Multiplayer Mode - Train with multiple users at the same time while still saving each users individual stats
  3. Browse Training - View all the latest drills and workouts from some of the best NBA trainers and D1 Coaches

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