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Setting Up Your New Dr. Dish FCLTY

Welcome to the Dr. Dish Fam! Get up and shooting with these simple steps.

Dr. Dish FCLTY
Step 1
Unboxing Your Dr. Dish Machine
  1. Cut band off and lift box off of pallet and machine
  2. Cut off all white zip ties (do NOT cut any black zip ties)
  3. Remove all accessories from the back of the machine
  4. Remove protective plastic wrap from entire machine
Step 2
Assemble The Ball Feeder & Distance Adjuster 
  1. Cut off White Zip ties off of Ball Feeder
  2. Remove Cardboard Spacer lowering ball feeder down
  3. Install Ball Feeder by inserting 2 M8 Bolts & Washers
  4. Attach the Ball Distance Knob by twisting until tight. Move the Distance Lever to position 2.
  5. Install the Ball Distance Plate using 4 M6 Screws & Washers.
Step 3
Remove Your Machine From the Pallet
  1. The Dr. Dish weighs 275 lbs/124.74 kilos with all four wheels attached. We recommend two adults remove the machine from the pallet.
  2. Move the machine so the back wheels are off the pallet and resting on the ground.
  3. Grabbing the Front of the machine, twist the machine to the side and set the front of the machine on the ground.
Step 4
Assemble The Shot Counter  
  1. Route the power cord from the shot counter basket through the shot counter handle until it comes out of the oval opening.
  2. Insert Shot counter Head into Shot Counter Handle
  3. Using the 8 mm Allen Wrench & 17 mm Open Wrench included, bolt together the Shot Counter Basket and Shot Counter Handle. 
Step 5
Setting Up Your Dr. Dish

When you’re ready to start shooting, with the machine away from the basket:

  1. Rotate the base of the Machine until at a 45-degree angle
  2. Extend all 4 netting poles until snapped into place, ensuring the net is not caught on frame
  3. Pull the netting handle outward and down to raise the net
  4. Once the handle is fully snapped into place, flip down the yellow safety latch to lock the net in position
  5. Insert the Shot Counter securely on the back frame of the Dr. Dish. Tighten the knob and connect the power cord.
  6. Wheel the machine directly under the basket until the rear poles are even with the backboard
  7. Once in place, lock the wheels of the machine
Step 6
Powering On & Connecting to WiFi
  1. Using a type W 120V extension cord, connect the machine's cord into an outlet.
  2. Turn on the Main Power Switch on the back of the machine. The front of the machine will have a Blue light blinking confirming there is power to the machine.
  3. Hold down the HUD Touchscreen Power Button for 10 Seconds until the screen turns on.
    1. Click ‘Start Shooting’ in the bottom right corner of the Loading Screen to access the Home Screen.
    2. On the Left side, select the WiFi logo to connect to your Network.
Step 7
Connecting Your Machine to the TV

*Ensure that your TV is a SMART TV capable of using a Web Browser*

  1. Once your machine has shipped you will be receiving an email with your FCLTY’s specific links. Do NOT lose this email.
  2. On your TV, go into your browser and put in one of the links found in your email.
  3. On your machine, type in the code being displayed on your TV monitor to successfully connect your machine to your TV

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