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Setting Up Your New Dr. Dish Home 2 Beta

Welcome to the Dr. Dish Fam! Get up and shooting with these simple steps.

Dr. Dish Home 2 Beta
Step 1
Download the Dr. Dish Player App

Tap the icon below to get the App

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  1. Sign Up by entering your name, email address, and personal pin
  2. The Player App is used to control your machine, view all your stats, and utilize member-only features such as to build custom drills
Having Issues Signing Up? Contact
Step 2
Unboxing Your Dr. Dish Machine
The Dr. Dish Home 2 BETA will Arrive in 2 Separate Boxes. Please have two people present when unboxing and setting up the machine
  1. Lift the box off of pallet and machine by cutting the straps
  2. Cut off all white zip ties, (do NOT cut any black zip ties)
  3. Remove the shot counter from the back of the machine
  4. Remove protective plastic wrap from the entire machine
    *Leave machine on cardboard until assembly is completed.
Step 3
Installing Passing Distance Adjuster Knob & Net System
  1. Attach the Ball Distance Knob by twisting until tight, and move the Distance Lever to position 2
  2. Thread Shot Counter Cable through the Frame Connector Bar and connect to the Net Frame
  3. Use 4 M8 Bolts and a wrench to connect Frame Bar to Net Frame
  4. Stand Net System up and roll it near the left side of the machine
  5. Connect the wire from Frame Connector Bar to the Base of the Machine. Feed the excess wire into the Connector Bar
  6. Insert Bar into the base of the machine frame. Use 4 M8 Bolts with wrench to secure bar to machine
Step 4
Removing the machine from Cardboard & Installing Shot Counter Head
  1. Tilt the back of the machine backward and remove the cardboard from underneath
  2. Expand the shot counter cord from the Net Frame. Connect cord to Shot Counter Head. Feed any excess cord through the Shot Counter Head
  3. Connect the Shot Counter Head to the Net Frame by screwing in the 4 M5 Bolts and Split Washers using an Allen Wrench
Step 5
Setting Up the Net System
  1. Raise the Shot Counter System to sit under the hoop. It will click into place using a pull pin
  2. Extend the top of the Net Poles (2A). Once extended, extend the Middle Net Poles (2B). The poles will snap into place using a push pin
  3. Once all poles have been raised, pull up the white net pole locks allowing the net poles to extend outward
  4. Release net pole locks to secure poles into position
  5. At the base of the machine, grab the Net Handle and pull out the latch to raise the Net System to the desired height
  6. Snap Hoop Net into place
Step 6
Powering on your machine for the first time
  1. Using a type @ 120V extension cord, connect the machines cord into an outlet
  2. Turn on the Main Power Switch on the top right of the machine (blinking red indicates power)
  3. With your devices Bluetooth turned ‘On’, log into the Dr. Dish Player app. In the Player App go to ‘More’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ to connect to Bluetooth
Step 7
Getting to Know Your Dr. Dish

The Dr. Dish Player app displays multiple ways you can use the machine to get started shooting. Check out some of our favorite features below:

  1. Managing your Membership - In the Dr. Dish Player app you can easily manage your membership now by going to ‘More’ and then ‘Membership’
  2. Multiplayer Mode - Train with multiple users at the same time while still saving each user’s individual stats
  3. Browse Training - Unsure of what to do? Check out our ‘Browse Training’ tab to view the latest drills and workouts from some of the best NBA trainers and D1 Coaches

Utilizing Membership is an important part of your Dr. Dish Home experience!

If you do not have an active Membership, sign up and learn more about utilizing Membership here: 

To manage your Membership and add your three designated Member-users:

  1. Log into the Member portal here
  2. In the 3 open spots, add the player's emails or phone numbers or invite them to your Membership
  3. Have them accept the invite and re-log in or sign up for the Dr. Dish Player App

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