Coleman Ayers: Changing the World with a Basketball

Apr 12, 2023 10:25:58 AM

Coleman Ayers, better known as By Any Means Basketball has a knack for spotting untapped potential in athletes and developing it to the fullest. His mission is simple, “Change the world with a basketball”. This mission has brought Coleman's basketball dreams to life beyond what he could've ever imagined. From starting a training business at 16 to owning and operating a gym at 23 to traveling the world developing players and growing the game globally. For Coleman, this is just the beginning. 

Training business at age 16

It all started in high school, as Coleman played in one of the toughest conferences in the US located in Washington D.C., the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC). Coleman noticed there were so many athletes playing at a high level. This curiosity led to researching more about basketball training and what it takes to prepare athletes for competition. 

"I wondered what made these other players in the conference so good? Even when they weren't the most athletic or the most naturally gifted. This peaked my interests early, like 14 or 15 years old. I began reading research articles and studying the training side of things to optimize my own play. This accelerated into training some of my own teammates and other local athletes."

Coleman's interests led him to train players in high school. He and his friends went to any gym they could to train and Coleman posted workouts online. Soon, his impact on the game started to gain recognition.

"By Any Means came to me when I was 16 years old working to establish my brand. It started off with me and my buddies filming ourselves working out, making documentaries, and sneaking into the gym whenever we could and one of my friends eventually said 'By Any Means' and it stuck. It's a mantra that represents so much in basketball and life."



Coleman's research also led to him capturing footage of the Washington Metro (DMV) area over 2 years to create a documentary called, Running the City: Chronicling the Basketball Capital of the World. Check it out in the video below!


all in the details

After high school, Coleman had a choice between playing DIII in LA or DI as a walk-on for the University of Miami. He chose to walk on at the U and after six months he decided to pursue his training business full-time. While studying exercise physiology and entrepreneurship, he continued training clients. After graduating, he leased a gym and DETAIL Miami was born.



The meaning behind the simple gym name goes beyond what meets the eye. To Coleman and the team DETAIL is about, 

"Designing and engineering the athlete for integrity and longevity. When an athlete walks in our gym, whether it's a pro or middle schooler, the goal is to maximize their potential on the court by making them as skillful and strong as possible. Build them up physically and mentally so that they're able to do it for a long time, and most importantly: build them up as humans"

DETAIL does just that, providing athletes with a gym to call home, including the court, weight room, lounge, and recovery room. Now with Dr. Dish, athletes have even more training options. When the team upgraded to Dr. Dish, the athletes noticed the differences immediately. One day, Coleman walked in to see Australian Pro Manyiel Wugol using the machine and getting impressive results.

"I saw him shooting and thought to myself no way he's got over 40 shots made in a row. I had to see it for myself on the screen. He told us we have to call the machine Dr. Wugol now with his insane streak numbers. Everybody in the gym got hype afterwards saying 'I'm coming to beat that score'. Nobody's beat it yet."



Innovation. Competition. Empowerment. Three words that seamlessly fit with DETAIL and Dr. Dish. Coleman and the team are constantly looking for new ways to train players with a high attention to detail. With Dr. Dish, athletes have the power to compete against each other with interactive leaderboards, take their training into their own hands with custom workouts, and explore new features that are constantly being released. It's a powerful combination that's revolutionized the way athletes train and compete.

"Dr. Dish has been a great way to supplement our training business and provide passive income. We've given players workout programs to follow on their own using the machine. It also helps scratch the itch that so many players have to continue to put more time in at the gym because they are really only working with a trainer for an hour or so."

the secret to success



Coleman and the team have traveled and run camps in over 28 cities in 16 different countries, brought in countless international players to their gym in Miami, and had over 10,000 athletes join their online training community. The secret to their success? Coleman followed his passion at a young age, took risks, networked like crazy, all while continuing to innovate, learn, and grow from the game and others in the industry. 

What can you learn from Coleman Ayers? You're never to young to get started and you're never too old to learn something new. Basketball has been around for a long time but it continues to evolve and is played differently across the globe. We're excited to see what parts of the world Coleman will touch next to help players take their game to the next level!

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