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Dr. Dish is transforming lives and kickstarting legacies

Seeing our users succeed is why we love what we do. Special thank you to these featured Dr. Dish customers for sharing their success

"We used to use the gun, and switched to the new Dr. Dish CT. It's so much easier and way more user-friendly. There is so much more that technology enables you to do. We couldn't be happier and more excited with our decision."

Dennis Morey II

Dennis Morey II
Head Coach, Detroit Loyola High School

"The CT seemed to come in perfect condition with a helpful delivery service. Didn't take long to get it working and pumping out passes. Definitely is impressing everyone who sees and uses it. I love how easy it is to set up. All the issues Shoot-a-way says about Dr. Dish in the comparison video on YouTube is trash. The Dish CT is quiet, gives good catchable on point passes, net is easy to see through and ignore, shot counter does not discourage shooters. I've got nothing but positive remarks from the handful that used this new dish that also have experience shooting on the gun. I already love using it and foresee it being a lot of help for a lot of Hoopers!

Philip Tomberlain
Rookie Athletics, Ohio

"Our players love our new Dr. Dish CT. We use it for group workouts and i feel this is just what we need to keep our program at the elite level every year. Now, when one kid wants to get shots up I can watch their form and correct them instead of grabbing rebounds. They can get 100x more shots up per workouts, it's the best purchase I have made in my 29 years as a HS coach."


Dan Ricci

Over 500 High School Victories (500-159 record)
NYS Federation Champion
5 NYS State Championships 
9 Regional Championships 
10 Section 1 Championships 
7 Consecutive State Championships 

"We have a special player who is getting offers from almost everyone and she absolutely wears that Dish Machine Out! The Dish has had such a big part in boosting our program, and it shows with our 7 state titles, a national ranking of 11, and the level of play that Jersey Wolfenberger and other have taken their games to. It really is an incredible tool!"

Coach Ricky Smith

Rickey Smith
'99, '00, '01, '02, '06, '13, '19 Arkansas State Champions
Nike Elite Team

"Dr. Dish is the best shooting machine I have ever used, easy to use and very reliable. I can get in the gym and put up hundreds of shots at all areas on the floor (best training tool ever)."

Todd Mackenzie
Grand Ledge High School, Michigan

"We definitely use our Dr. Dish machine in the off-season, and it's the best tool out there when it comes to off-season training. It's definitely been a big factor in our success and has played a role in our development toward the level of excellence required to play at the State Tournament level."

Michael Flanagan
Coach, Black Hawk High School
South Wayne, WI

"We use the Dr. Dish everyday to start our practice. From running full court drills, to shooting free throws, having the Dish shooting machine is a huge advantage for us!"

Jared Patton
Coach, Greenbrier East High School
Lewisburg, West Virginia

"Shooting 64% from behind the arc at State and winning a Division 1 State Championship couldn't have been possible without the time and effort put in on our Dr. Dish All-Star machine. Our kids know if they want to get better, they have to put in the work, and all that off-season training definitely paid off."

Dan Wandrey
Coach, Brookfield Central High School
Brookfield, WI

Training Brings Titles

World-class programs train with Dr. Dish, Here is a roundup of the most recent champions
Argyle Lady Eagles
Allen High School


Two cousins train hard on their Dr. Dish and both land full rides with D1 programs

"My brother and I purchased a Dr Dish 3 and a half years ago for his son and my daughter for their practices. Most practices they can get anywhere from 500 to a 1000 shots off. They were recently both offered and committed to Utah State and University of Utah as Juniors, both are D1 Colleges. The investment in Dr. Dish has definitely paid for itself many times over with these two D1 full ride offers."

The Falslev Family

The Falslev Family

Kinley Falslev '19

Mason Falslev '19

Hours in the Gym Brings
Success in the Final Seconds

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The Proof is in the Practice

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