The Sir Family's Playbook to Success

Apr 26, 2024 9:06:48 AM

For the Sir Family, basketball isn’t just a game–it’s a way of life. While it holds a prominent place in their hearts, it’s not the sole focus. Instead it acts as the perfect balance between dedication, family bonds, and the simple joys of being a kid.

As a parent, Joe is dedicated to nurturing a growth mindset within his family, stressing the importance of daily progress both on and off the court. In their household, they've always placed an emphasis on making the most of every moment, no matter how brief. Joe says, “It’s not come out today, shoot 500 shots and then take 4 days off. It started with 15 minutes a day. Do your 15 minutes, know you got it out of the way, do it early, then forget about it and go have fun being a kid.” This commitment to consistency has laid the foundation with each small achievement pushing them forward to chase after larger goals. 

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Training for 15 minutes a day is how Drake and Liam ultimately convinced their dad to get them a Dr. Dish. Drake first saw Dr. Dish in a SLAM magazine. He wanted one so bad, he cut the image out and hung it above his bed as motivation.

0001-1 The Dr. Dish Home SLAM ad Drake hung above his bed

Joe decided to make an agreement with the boys that if they trained for 15 minutes every day without missing a workout for 30 days straight they could get a Dr. Dish Home shooting machine. The boys stayed true to their promise, along with Joe, and they got their Dr. Dish. What began as a modest 15-minute commitment transformed into a habit that has fueled their passion for training ever since.

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Owning a shooting machine has allowed the Sir family to maximize their time in the gym. Joe has observed that training with Dish enables the boys to, “spend time getting in the work efficiently and then they get to go back to being kids and having fun.” In the 3 years that they’ve had the machine, the boys have put up 170,000+ shots.

Drake and Liam have seen their reward on the court from the time spent training. Recently, Drake was able to improve his shooting percentage by over 10%! It's also improved his confidence drastically and when asked about it Drake shared, “I am in the gym way more than all those guys, I know that I’m shooting more when we look at the Dr. Dish leaderboard at school, and that’s been a major confidence builder.”


Despite the success and confidence basketball has brought the boys, Joe also recognizes the lessons that failure teaches, “We fail at things. You’ve gotta fail at things to get better at them. When they are struggling in a class at school, I remind them to keep doing your work, keep plugging away. All of a sudden you look back and that isn’t hard anymore. Shooting and basketball, and athletics in general teaches you all those life lessons that are crucial to being a successful human.”

One of Drake’s favorite ways to train is blending competition and games with the Dish. He shared that, “the competitions and now the  Me vs. Me, have made it more addicting in a way. It’s fun when you can tell your buddies, ‘hey I got 300 shots up in 20 minutes’ and you feel very productive using it". Joe encourages his boys to strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves. Despite age gaps and differences in skill level, it's natural for siblings to compare themselves to one another. However, training with Me vs. Me has transformed their dynamic. It allows Liam and Drake to focus on competing against their own personal bests, creating a supportive environment where they can motivate and uplift each other while they compete.


The Sirs' decision to invest in a shooting machine has proven to be a game-changer for the boys' skill development and an increased passion for the game shared in the video below.

As Drake takes the court this summer for the Minnesota Lightening AAU team, affiliated with the Prep Hoops circuit, where Dr. Dish stands as the exclusive Shooting Machine Partner, we can't wait to attend some of this year's tournaments. There, we'll witness firsthand Drake's confidence and unwavering passion for the game, a testament to the daily hard work and, "drops in the bucket" adding up for the Sir family.

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