How Nelson Schorr Brought his Business Dreams to Life

Feb 17, 2022 2:52:26 PM

For Nelson Schorr, basketball has always been foundational to his life. As a Head Basketball Coach at Ursuline College and Suny Potsdam for over 12 years, he’s no stranger to understanding what it takes to play the game of basketball at a high level. In addition to coaching college players, Nelson also directed an AAU team and basketball academy called Hoop Guru. When it comes to basketball, Nelson has been involved at all levels. 

Although Nelson had success coaching his teams, after a dozen years, he felt it was time for a change in his career path. As a coach, Nelson emphasized skill development to help his players reach their full potential, and win more games. With this in mind, Nelson started to dream about how he could take his passion for developing players, and turn it into a business. After some thought, he reflected on the importance of increasing reps, and stat-tracking for players. 

“When I was a coach we used to give our players shooting goals. They would go in the gym, get up reps, and we’d manually track the shots they put up on a spreadsheet.”




Since he was directing the AAU team and basketball academy, efficiency was important to whatever business venture he pursued. Nelson wanted something where players could come in, put in intentional work, and get out of the gym in a timely fashion. He fully understood the busy life of basketball players balancing school, sports, and sometimes part-time jobs at a young age. With all of this in mind, his vision started becoming clear. 


In 2018, Swish 365 was born from this vision. Swish 365 is a “batting cage for basketball” concept. By outfitting his Ohio facility with shooting machines, Nelson gave his players the opportunity to get 400-500 shots up per half hour. Aside from just reps, Nelson emphasized the importance of game-like training for his customers. Translating their hard work at Swish 365 into real results on game day. 

“I want players to learn their best spots on the floor. The 2-3 locations where they are best from. Then, they can work on getting to those spots in games to score the basketball.”

SWISH 365 x Dr. Dish FCLTY

Fast forward 4 years, and Nelson heard about our brand new Dr. Dish FCLTY machines, the first machines designed specifically for basketball facilities. He was intrigued by the features including custom leaderboards, and the ability to cast stats on-demand to a screen within the facility. With Swish 365 emphasizing the importance of the latest technology, he knew the machines would be the perfect fit for their customers. 



“We wanted to give our players the ability to see stats on demand, to give them instant feedback. The Dr. Dish machines track stats accurately, and give our customers the information they need.” 

Now, Swish 365’s facility is loaded with the new Dr. Dish FCLTY machine. Although they have expanded, their commitment to affordable, efficient, high quality training has never waivered. For players in the Ohio area, Swish 365 is the premiere solution for all things basketball. Their affordable membership options make the training accessible and convenient for players and parents. 


“Pricing was important for us. We wanted to create something that would be an affordable training option for parents. The membership structure does that, while creating a sustainable  business model for us.”




Although their flagship location was impressive, Nelson and Swish 365 didn’t stop there. Currently, they have 5 locations all throughout greater Ohio. For any players serious about leveling up their game, Swish 365 is the premiere training solution. We are excited to be a part of Nelson’s story and are excited to continue working with him to continue growing the game of basketball in the Midwest.

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