AZ Compass Prep's Dr. Dish Journey

Aug 8, 2022 10:14:41 AM

It’s no secret that AZ Compass Prep has one of the top basketball programs in the nation. Consistently ranking top 5 in all national polls, developing DI quality talent, and competing against other nationally recognized teams. What you may not know is how Dr. Dish plays a critical role in their programs development and continued success. 

For AZ Compass, accountability and elite people are two pillars that separate them from competition. All of their coaches are experienced at the highest levels, 

“Holding our players accountable to get better is important to our program. Dr. Dish has made this easy for us.” 

“The Dr. Dish machine tracks our percentages and allows us to take our players through drills that simulate game situations. Our players love the purposeful reps.” 



These purposeful reps have played out for not only the AZ Compass Prep program, but for individual players as well. Players like TyTy Washington, a 2021 graduate who went on to play at the University of Kentucky. 

TyTy was a consensus 5-star recruit, and one of the top rated point-guards in the nation. His purposeful training paid off, as he shot nearly 50% from the field his senior year.  When reflecting on his time at AZ Compass Prep, Coach Maurice Reddick recalls his awareness and work ethic as two things that elevated him to the top of the recruiting boards. 


“TyTy is a guy who’s work ethic never waivers. All of the work he puts in allowed him to elevate his game. When he came into the program he was all in, and the results showed.” 

His hard work was noticed after his High School, with him earning 4 SEC Freshman of the Week honors at Kentucky. TyTy was the first player since University of Kentucky alum, and 3 time NBA All-Star  Devin Booker to earn this honor. 


Companies across the country noticed TyTy’s character and personality, leading him to NIL deals with Porche, Gatorade, and Dr. Dish Basketball. See the interview below where TyTy shares how he trained with Dr. Dish, and what went into him becoming the player he is today. 


In June, TyTy made AZ Compass Proud by officially becoming an NBA player. He was selected as the 29th overall pick in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft. Now, TyTy is thriving in the Summer League for the Houston Rockets. 

Athletic Director Pete Kaffey realizes that to continue developing players like TyTy, customized training is going to be key in the future. 

“We try our best to make sure we incorporate the strengths of each of our players into our system. Our training program is no joke and we work to help our players develop in all ways. We want our players to keep getting better everyday and play their best basketball when it matters most.”


For AZ Compass Prep, there is one main goal on the horizon for the program. Winning the Geico National Championship, an award reserved for the top program in the nation. Pete knows the team has a chance to compete, but it will require cohesion to make the dream a reality. 


“To win a Geico championship you have to be healthy and play your best basketball at the right time. We’ve had the talent and also the staff to get it done but it all has to come together at the correct time. Our goal is to continue to be consistent throughout the year and confident when it’s time to make that big run.”

Dr. Dish will be watching closely and cheering on both AZ Compass Prep, and TyTy Washington as the program and player continue to push themselves to new heights. They serve as a reminder to us all of the possibilities that are unlocked when you commit to Be Better Every Day. 

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