Maddyn Greenways DI Journey

Nov 23, 2022 2:06:47 PM

Maddyn Greenway is in a unique position of becoming a veteran player, while only being a Freshman in High School. Although her high school career is just starting, varsity basketball is nothing new to Maddyn. Last year, she led her team at Providence Academy to winning the state championship, averaging over 20 points per game as an 8th grader. 


For Maddyn, although she is proud of what her and her teammates have accomplished, she’s motivated to continue working harder than ever. She’s well aware of her potential and the work that has to go into making that a reality. 

“I never want to be satisfied with who I am as a player. I can continue to be so much better as I grow up and develop.” 


What has been the secret to Maddyn’s early career success? Not only working hard, but working smart. Greenway is a multi-sport athlete who is a standout soccer player off the hardwood. Although Maddyn is fully committed to other sports in-season, she makes sure basketball is always prioritized.

“No matter what season I am in, I focus on basketball. Basketball is my main sport.”


To help balance her time, over the last few years, Maddyn has used Dr. Dish machines to streamline her training. Having a machine both at home and school has given her a unique opportunity to make the most of her tight schedule.  

Getting up 500 shots in less than a half hour is something that allows her to develop as a basketball player year-round. This efficiency has led to an increase in confidence in the biggest moments on the court. 


“With the amount of shots I can get up in a short amount of time, the Dr. Dish has been very beneficial. I can get hundreds of threes up in 20 minutes. Before using the Dr. Dish I didn’t think of myself as a knock down shooter. Now, I’ve grown my game across the arc. I have confidence my shots will go in.”


With a state championship already under her belt, Maddyn has her sights set on becoming the best leader and role model possible. Her goals are clear, and her parents are in her corner supporting her every step of the way. 

“My parents know my end goal, that I want to play high level DI basketball. They help me stay focused on and off the court and help me keep the noise out.” 

With such an action packed few years of basketball under her belt, what is Maddyn’s favorite memory of her career? It’s not the state championship, or scoring her 1,000th point, but a locker room dance party that her and her teammates will cherish forever.

“After winning the section final against our rivals, our coach started to griddy into the locker room. Seeing the joy of our team from how everyone played, it was really fun.” 



For Maddyn and her family, the journey is the destination with her basketball career. Although the goal of earning a Division I scholarship is on the horizon, for now, they are soaking in the memories that high school basketball has provided. We’re proud to call Maddyn a member of the Dr. Dish Family and can’t wait to see what her future holds on and off the court! 

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